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Welcome To Superior Service Electric: A Kimberly Electrician

When you hire Superior Service Electric, you can trust that you are getting service from experienced Kimberly electricians. We have done a lot of work over the last forty years for commercial and residential clients in Kimberly, so we know the safety code standards well and know how to do our job right.

Our Kimberly electricians are here for your small upgrades and big construction projects, so just give us a call when you need something. We'll always come running to help.

electrical outlet on a red painted wall


Did your home computers blow out during the last electrical storm or do you have trouble with the lights flickering when you turn on the microwave? These problems can be solved for good if you have the right electrical system installed in your home. Call us today, one of our Kimberly residential electricians can solve your problems whatever they may be.


As a business owner or building manager, you are probably not aware of the latest safety code stands for the building's electrical system. Does your building have sufficient emergency lighting so occupants can exit quickly and safely if the power goes out? Is the building's electrical panel up to code? Let us perform a safety inspection to ensure your building is safe and up to code.

Kimberly, AL

If you are looking for a Kimberly electrician please call or complete our online request form.

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