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Superior Service Electric: Your Trusted Vestavia Electrician!

Do you need a Vestavia electrician for an electrical safety inspection, an upgrade, a new installation, or repairs? No matter what you need, our electricians at Superior Service Electric are able to provide reliable service.

With our many years of experience as Vestavia commercial and residential electricians, we have honed our skills and learned how to treat customers right. You can rest assured that we are able to handle your service needs and will treat you with honesty and respect.

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Keeping your home's electrical system up to date is important because the number one cause of house fires is faulty wiring. Anything can happen to wiring, from just working loose over time to someone who repaired it wrong years ago. Make sure everything is safe today by calling our Vestavia residential electricians for a safety inspection.


If you own or run a business in Vestavia, you need a commercial electrical contractor who can respond fast to your emergency service needs. We are here for you whenever you need help. You'll enjoy a full line of commercial electrical services that are all backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Vestavia, AL

If you are looking for a Vestavia electrician please call or complete our online request form.

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